What It's All About

Welcome to Get Skater Fit! I'm so glad you’re here and I can't wait to help guide you through these workouts. There's a few things you need to know before we begin.

These workouts are designed for moderate to advanced level skaters, but I've also included modifications for recreational athletes and skaters, along with a BONUS PACK that includes additional workouts parallel to the roller workouts that you can do in your athletic shoes!

Something to note for the roller workouts, each day I will make a little note suggesting the best place to do the workout. Whether that is on a long sidewalk or a big open space like a basketball court or an empty parking lot. I would recommend using a yoga mat if you aren't comfortable working out on the ground. Some of the exercises require a lot of balance and upper body control, so if you aren't totally comfortable on your skates yet, having something nearby to hold on to, like a bench or light post might be beneficial for you!

Something to note for the on-ice workouts, any of the arm or core exercises (e.g. planks) can be performed on the wall with the body at an incline position and toes in the ice.

Although this program is laid out as a five-week training plan, you can easily set your own pace and do the workouts when it's most convenient for you. The workouts are very diverse and engage a variety different muscle groups, so you don't need to follow a specific order. One really cool feature about this program is that you can increase or decrease the speed of the exercise demonstrations by using the settings icon in bottom right corner of the videos. This will be helpful for any exercises that you are not familiar with.

If any of the exercises are too difficult for you, then please modify with the exercise recommendations I have provided in the downloadable PDF's. Perform each exercise to the best of your own personal ability. I have also designed the off-ice trainings in a way that you can adjust the difficulty based on the number of circuits you are willing and able to perform. Only doing 3x the full circuit with breaks after each round is less cardio intensive than 5x the circuit without breaks.

On the contrary, if any of these exercises feel too easy for you, then increase your intensity and get as many reps in as possible during the time intervals. You can also decide if and how you want to take breaks between rounds on the circuits, the less breaks you take the more cardio intensive your workout will be. Listen to your body, be safe and have fun! You will get out of this whatever you put in!

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